Hey Everyone!

I'm Nicole, a late 20's homeowner and Realtor in Southeastern MA. Woodward Point is my home and this is where I'll share my DIY decorating successes (and cautionary tales from anything I screw up royally). I'm incredibly lucky to share Woodward Point with my love (to be referred to as Boyfriend from here on out), my dog Lyra (the world's cutest GSD/Collie/Beagle mix), and our awesome friend and roommate D.

Boyfriend and I bought Woodward Point at truly the best time ever. We got so incredibly lucky, as we qualified as First Time Homebuyers (which for us got us even lower than normal interest rates), and home values and loan interest rates were incredibly low in 2012 (we scored an awesome 30-year fixed interest loan for less than 3%). We were in love the minute we saw the house, and we were able to close and move in right before July 4th that year.

Worst time ever moving. It was incredibly hot. Poor Boyfriend looked like he was going to keel over, so we left him in the big empty master bedroom with an AC to recoop. Moving the bedroom furniture proved the biggest nightmare. Our stairs the the 3rd floor turn a tiny corner at the bottom, which made manipulating our king sized mattress upstairs quite the process. One of our friends got trapped in the mattress in the corner for a minute or two. When the time comes for a new mattress, I think we'll need to cut the old one in half to get it back out. D also needed to swap out his queen size boxspring for a split boxspring. There was no way the whole one was making it up the stairs. (Now that D has his cool bachelor pad on the 1st floor, we put a full sized bed in the Guestroom, with a slatted bed base from Ikea, we refused to fight with another box spring).

We are 3 years in and we are still slowly making this home ours. In the process we're sort of bringing Woodward Point from Log Cabin in the Woods to Beach House on the Cape. There's still lots of wood (check the 2nd floor half bath!), but we're taking all those white walls and painting them in sandy, stormy, sea glass, and ocean colors. It's a work in progress for sure, but we love how things are going. We have tons of plans, but with our tight budget we're making small changes first (paint, slipcovers, cheap DIY wall art). Eventually we'll get some savings together so we can renovate our upstairs kitchen (a sad case of a terrible layout and too much wood), and finish off Woodhouse (which was the previous owner's woodworking shop) into an amazing party space (maybe even with a projector and screen for cool movie/video game nights).

I will be trying to update 8 Woodward Point on a weekly basis, but bear with me. This whole thing is new to me, and life throws everyone curve balls sometimes. I'm also on Pinterest (which I update all the time, please excuse the insane number of boards), Twitter (@nicolecristelli), and Instagram (@ncristelli). If you'd like to know more about my thoughts on the crazy number of books I read every year, find my on Goodreads.


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