Woodward Point House Tour

I absolutely need to take new pictures of Woodward Point (which definitely means some cleaning is in our future).

Original Kitchen:

Right after we moved in (July 2012)

Updated Kitchen:

I've since swapped out the dining room table for this one (BHG table), and these chairs. I also added an area rug from Target so the table isn't just floating in this sea of wood.

Last Christmas (December 2014)
Boyfriend's office on the 2nd floor. We've moved the desk under the cubbies, and moved the loveseat to the other short wall.

Sauna! (2nd Floor Half Bath):
Sauna, am I right?! 2nd Floor Half bath

Living Room on move in:
Living room. We've changed the layout and the furniture.
Slightly more recent Living Room:
Still not current, but more updated. Pardon the dark/blurry picture.
My Office:
My desk! Not much has changed here.
Master Bedroom:

Master bedroom. Way too much white.

Master bedroom. We've added a rocking chair from my grandparent's home to this corner.

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