Saturday, May 30, 2015

Starting at Home

Many of my posts will feature my home, Woodward Point, in some way (at least for the time being). We bought it just under 3 years ago, and we love it. LOVE in big old capital letters. Eventually I will get to doing a full photo tour, I promise, especially since there are some family members who haven't seen it yet (large extended family, and some of us are pretty spread out).

When we bought out our it was listed as a multi-family home, sort of. Woodward Point is a 3 story colonial, basically in the heart of town. Downtown is a 5 minute walk, tops, but you'd hardly know it if you stood in my backyard. It's perfect -- Starbucks and the grocery store are under 10 minutes away, and the hospital is within walking distance, which is great, because I'm incredibly clumsy. Our backyard is already fenced in, so Lyra can run around to her heart's content. Inside, the first floor is set up sort of like a studio apartment with a combination living room/bedroom, a large kitchen/dining room (with a built in desk), and a good sized bathroom with a nice walk in shower. All of it was basically new when we bought the house, and the floors (hardwood), cabinets, and counters look great. SCORE!

Since then all we've done to the first floor is paint it a grey/taupe sort of color (similar). The kitchen will be painted teal (Bali Bliss by Behr), and I have no idea what color to paint the bathroom, but otherwise it's pretty good to go. Right now we are using the first floor as a studio, and one of our best friends (D) lives there.

Upstairs, the 2nd and 3rd floor it set up as it's own living space: 2 bedrooms, 1 and a half baths, kitchen, etc. Boyfriend, Lyra, and I live up here, and it's perfect for the three of us. When we moved in, every wall was white. Every. Single. Wall. (except the guest room, which is a weird green color that was also on the ceiling in the living room).

I love neutrals. I do. I think they are great, and I love my white sofa. But I was dying with white walls everywhere. It was too much, not quite clinical feeling, but between the white walls, ceilings and trim along with the off-white berber carpet, I felt like I was in a cloud. It's worst in the master bedroom, where our bedding is also white, and we have vaulted ceilings. It feels cloudlike, and not in a way that I love.

So far, we've painted the living room (Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams) which is delightfully blue/green depending on the light. It's very much a sea glass color, and works well with our "birch effect" Ikea furniture, and our white Ektorp sofa. The ceiling was quickly painted white, and we swapped out the ceiling fan for one with a light, also in white to blend in better (similar).

The dining room is tan (Baguette also by SW), and this color goes upstairs and through the 3rd floor hallway. On the 3rd floor, there's a chair rail in the hallway, and the bottom half is painted a medium brown (Cardboard by SW). The kitchen is currently a pale yellow (Banana Cream by SW) which works well (for now) with the oak cabinets. Eventually the plan is to overhaul the kitchen with white cabinets (probably Ikea) and paint the walls a brighter yellow, maybe something like this. The half bath is all tongue and groove wood. Some of our guests have loved it, and told me if I even think of painting it they will find me and commit me to a mental hospital. I go in there and feel like I'm in a sauna. The lighting is awful, and it makes putting on makeup very challenging, as everything has a more yellow tone to it.

NONE of the rooms upstairs (minus the hallway) have been painted. I need desgin feedback big time. Unless Boyfriend hates something, he refuses to give design input, other than to say that the white walls are fine.

Overall, I'd love Woodward Point to have a beachy sort of feel. I don't think I want rope accents all over, or a collection of sand dollars and starfish, but I love ocean colors and want my home to feel like I'm vacationing on the Cape (Cape Cod, for non-New Englanders) all the time.

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