Saturday, May 30, 2015

Welcome to Woodward Point

This may or may not be one of those turning points in life. For the moment, I'm going to run with the idea and see where it goes. Feel free to stick with me, cheer me on, or leave me for someone else as you wish (but I hope you'll stay!).

Me? I'm currently 26 and living in southeastern Massachusetts. 27 is creeping up on me, and my boyfriend just turned 30 (a very big number in my mind still), so the last few weeks and even the last year or so have been "OH gosh! What the **** am I doing with my life?!"

For the present, I'm a desk monkey for a residential mental health facility (teen boys with some serious psych/behavioral issues) processing internal reports and oodles of DCF (for various states) paperwork. I also have a MA real estate license, and have been trying to work my way into the business. Real estate has been tough, sadly. Business has picked up in the area, which is AMAZING, but I lack the name recognition and/or experience for word of mouth referrals, and it seems no one walks into a real estate office saying "Please help me buy/sell a house!"

I've spent years following DIY, home decor, and lifestyle blogs, and I'm definitely a Pinterest addict (feel free to follow along). I've waffled for a while about starting my own blog. I'm finally going to dip my toes in and see what happens.

Most likely, this will be a mix of DIY (I have a dresser that desperately needs new hardware and paint), idea boards for my own home and for others in the area, and "Hooray I made X and didn't blow up my kitchen!" stories. My dog Lyra, GSD/Collie/Beagle mix and afraid of EVERYTHING, will likely be sprinkled in, because she is super adorable (even if she runs from the room when I turn on the ceiling fan and always manages to lick my glasses the minute I clean them).

Here goes nothing.

Welcome to Woodward Point!

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